Dungeon Layout – Set II: Stairs

This is DUNGEON LAYOUT – Set II: Stairs

from Pendragons & Paperknights Publishing

Well I wasn’t born yet, but I dig the idea!

Therefore I started to draw modular maps of rooms and corridors,

that can be combined into small dungeons on your preferred portable device

using the Instagram app Layout.Please download these 9 modules with stairs and arrange them just the way you want!

I would love to see what you came up with, over on Instagram!

Please tag me (@Tintenteufel) to support the ongoing project, because I will show sample dungeons myself and expand our repertoire as we go.At the moment I gm and play in a hexcrawl sprinkled with five-room-dungeons, if that makes sense. So we have a need for such locations and adventure sites. Perhaps you have a similar style of play, need a dungeon for a small side trek or one shot: there you go.

Oh, and: my followers over on Instagram couldn’t decide between a 5 feet or 10 feet wide standard dungeon corridor (50-50). So I’ve chose the easier one for this project first, but we will get there, too.

Dungeon Layout – Set II: Stairs

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